Privacy Policy and Cookies. will not sell or give out your personal information, unless this is legally required to do so by legal requirements. We value our users privacy and would not want to breach that trust.

We do however use cookies for analytical data and our third party advertisers might use these also for their advertisements. What are Cookies and why are they used? may use cookies in our website to help improve the user experience and further increase relevent content requirements, by allowing us to analyse traffic to our site (for example). As such by visiting our website, you are agreeing to your consent for us to use Cookies in accordance with our privacy policy. Cookies come in two different variations:

Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies.

Session Cookies- temporary files deleted when you close the browser and are not stored permanently on your computer. If you visit a page and return to a previous page, Cookies might be used in this instance for example.

Persistent Cookies- stored on your computer and normally have an expiry date imprinted on them when created, once this expires they are automatically deleted- you can however go into your browser settings and delete Cookies as and when you please.

Refer to your web browser settings for more information as the process will vary from browser to browser. For your reference, when visiting websites you may come across cookies such as advertising or analytical which help track web visitor data (but do not collect your email address or IP address for example). Generally speaking this helps makes websites more usable and give sites data to help improve the content for visitors. This is what we use cookies for and how we use them.

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